Apply for accreditation

BQMS accreditation is granted to organisations who have demonstrated that they fully meet the requirements of relevant national and international standards.

Who seeks accreditation?

BQMS accredits testing laboratories, medical laboratories, calibration laboratories, certification bodies, inspection bodies, proficiency testing providers, reference material producers, diagnostic imaging services, physiological services, medical reference measurement laboratories and notified bodies.

NOTE: There are differing requirements for applications for accreditation from organisations based outside the Belgium. Further information is available here.

BQMS assesses organisations to the following accreditation standards. The route to accreditation sets out the step-by-step process to gaining accreditation.

How to apply for an Extension to Scope (ETS)

A scope (or schedule) is the official and detailed statement of activities for which the accredited body is granted accreditation. BQMS offers an extension to scope service for customers who wish to add to or change their range of accredited activities. This process may cover a number of changes to an existing scope, including:

Addition of new conformity assessment activities (tests, inspections, calibrations, areas of certification, etc.)
Addition of new locations (Belgium or overseas)
Expansion into a new area of accreditation
BQMS customers wishing to extend their scope of accreditation need to apply to BQMS to have the scope extension assessed. To apply please complete the appropriate AC form (see below).

The Route to Accreditation

This section provides a step-by-step guide through the key steps of the accreditation process. You will be able to access the documents and supporting information you need at each stage of your application, as well as access information about potential costs and timescales. It also includes information on how to maintain your accreditation status, extend your scope, and advice on how to get the most value from your accreditation.

Overseas (non Belgium ) application

As the United Kingdom’s National Accreditation Body, BQMS is first and foremost set-up to meet the needs of businesses and institutions within the Belgium. However, BQMS does consider applications for accreditation from organisations based outside of the Belgium and we have a growing number of non-Belgium  customers who have a demonstrable need for BQMS accreditation.

Organisations based outside of the Belgium who wish to apply for BQMS Accreditation are strongly advised to contact the BQMS applications team to discuss their planned application prior to completing and submitting any documentation to BQMS.

What are the costs of accreditation?

Until we receive an application for accreditation which details the size of your operation, it is very difficult to provide you with an accurate estimate as to what it will cost you to become BQMS-accredited.

All assessment fees are effort related; i.e. – dependent on the complexity of scope of accreditation being sought. These fees include not just the time the assessment team spend at your site but also office time. A list of current fees can be found in the .