The BQMS Publications List is updated at the start of each month.

Organisations are required to comply with current editions of all BQMS publications relevant to their areas of accreditation or application and should also be aware of international publications relevant to their areas of accreditation, available from the EA, IAF and ILAC websites (see links below), and comply with those that are categorised as ‘Mandatory’. Organisations must ensure that they either have current copies of relevant publications or have web access to those documents.

Technical Articles

The following articles apply to standards and their application, and other technical issues.

For further information on these issues please contact the BQMS information desk at

Uncertainty of Measurement
Dimensional Metrology – New NPL Measurement Good Practice Guides
Dimensional Metrology – Revised NPL MOY/SCMI Specifications
CEC Engine Test ISO17025 Interpretation Document

Further information:

BQMS Publications
Technical Bulletins

IAF decision log

Technical queries submitted to the IAF are discussed within the relevant Committees or Working Groups to reach a consensus view, and then forwarded for consideration by the Technical Committee (TC) who will aim to ratify them as IAF Decisions. Decisions made by the IAF TC are maintained in the IAF TC Searchable Decision Log which is now publicly accessible through the IAF website.

It is important to understand the intention and purpose of these decisions; they represent the consensus view of the IAF TC following discussions at each TC meeting. They are not formal interpretations of the requirements of the conformity assessment standards but are intended to clarify the agreed approach to specific technical issues and situations, usually following questions raised by an IAF member or stakeholder organisation.

Accreditation Bodies and Conformity Assessment Bodies are expected to give due cognisance to these decisions when assessing specific situations, therefore BQMS assessors will be aware of them and may refer to them during assessment activities. The log is updated as decisions are ratified at the scheduled IAF TC meetings (normally every 6 months); please be aware that questions discussed at one TC meeting will not be ratified and finalised until the following meeting.

It is recommended that Conformity Assessment Bodies should make themselves aware of this log and its contents, and review the log on a regular basis.

The Accreditation Process

Accreditation is an on-going business process rather than a one-off achievement.

If an organisation wishes to be accredited by BQMS and is operating in an area in which we have existing expertise, we will carry out an assessment to establish that:

  • the evaluator is impartial;
  • the evaluator is technically competent to do the work in question;
  • the resources and facilities are appropriate and sufficient for the work;
  • the evaluator’s actual performance is to the required standard;
  • the evaluator is capable of sustaining the required level of performance.